Global Debt Validation

is an agency that works to save our clients from illegitimate and illegal practices of debts collection i.e. stressful phone calls, harassment for making payments of insecure debt and invalid debts collection by the debt collection agency.

Every one of us goes through ups and downs of life where sometimes we face financial issues and we opted for credit and ultimately, we have to pay it back. But what if you got a call from creditor to pay for a debt that you never borrowed? Would you pay him without asking for debt validation or ask him to bring some evidence for a loan?

Exactly, you will ask for validation of that loan. That's what we do on your behalf. We do a free credit analysis by flowing a legal mechanism and make verification that whether you actually indebted to that amount or not. We protect your payments from fake credit collectors by verifying that whether they are actually agents of your creditors or a fake person just want to take advantage of the situation.

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